Wednesday, November 7, 2012

I want to make ALL the things

I've sorted through all the patterns I own, which is saying something, and found several that I want to make. I've been reading a lot lately about what to wear based on your body shape, (mine apparently is apple shaped,) and am finding it rather confusing. You can find completely opposite instructions on different sites, so I'm just going to read about why they say certain things are good or bad, and try to use my own powers of logic to figure out what's desirable.

More precisely, I'm apple shaped with broad shoulders, a large chest, and a short waist. My bust is 45", my waist is 38", and my hips are 44". This has always made finding clothing that fits more difficult than it has any right to be. Things that fit my bust don't fit anywhere else, and fitted shirts are always fitted in the wrong places. I've been reading about how to adjust sewing patterns to fit all these things, so hopefully my days of ill fitting clothing are coming to an end!

Anyway, on to the patterns! I've been wanting jackets lately, because they allow me to extend my silly t-shirt collection into cooler weather, and they help distract from "problem areas." I also like how they instantly dress up any outfit.

 I like how this one has a classic silhouette, but has interesting detail in the side panel and gathers. I want to make view B.
 I'm slightly unsure about this one. I absolutely love the lines of this, but I'm afraid it will make me look like I have football player shoulders. Thoughts? I like the jacket in the main photo.
 I like the dark purple-ish red version in the top right corner, but I don't know if it's the right style for me. The interwebs say that one button jackets are ideal, but this one is so pretty!
 Basic, classic jacket that I could wear with everything. I like the main photo version, and the top right. I'd have to see if the longer version hits at a good spot on my body, though.
I'm not sure how "everyday" this jacket is, but I really like the military feel of the details.

I can't buy fabric to start any of these till the fifteenth, but I'll probably start cutting out pattern pieces till then! If I were to cut out two patterns, which ones should I remove? Also, Joann Fabrics is having a sale on Simplicity patterns, 5 for $5 starting on Thursday, so I'll have many more soon!

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